Established in 2011, Loria Consulting started out offering general CRM consultancy, drawing on the extensive industry experience of its founders Mark Ayling and Tony Trevillion.

Over time, we became more and more convinced of the benefits of Sage CRM over and above other commercial CRM solutions. In particular, Sage CRM is extremely powerful when integrated with Sage 200 and Sage 300 ERP applications. We therefore focussed on providing CRM services to Sage business partners that focussed on these products. As a result we have developed some of the most interesting and complex Sage CRM systems in use today.

In November 2013 we moved into our current offices in Burgess Hill, West Sussex and started to grow our development team. As well as continuing to provide services to other Sage business partners, we are now a fully accredited Sage CRM Business Partner for standalone Sage CRM in our own right.  Our solid background of real-world experience allows us to provide our Clients with a straight-talking, no-nonsense service. This is equally relevant for businesses looking to implement a successful CRM solution or rescue an existing system which is not performing as required.

We practice what we preach and take great pride in the relationships we form with our own customers. We understand that embarking upon a CRM implementation or tackling existing CRM challenges can be ominous, time-consuming and expensive, so our aim is to truly add value and ensure that our services pay for themselves.

With a unique mix of consultancy, tools, techniques and implementation we deliver practical, affordable and powerful business solutions that help you grow and remain competitive in these challenging times

We have many happy clients and are driven by our reputation to be the best at what we do. In order to continue to support our clients effectively our own team is growing. With each with new member of the team bringing new ideas and innovations to what we can deliver.

Our team currently includes:

Mark Ayling (Managing Director). Mark has more than 20 years in the CRM industry and has been involved in many large scale developments of CRM systems including data migration, integration, customisation and bespoke development. He also has extensive experience of consulting, advising and assisting businesses of all sizes with their CRM initiatives.

Julian Mummery (CRM Consultant/Developer). With over 20 years of software development and implementation experience behind him, Julian joined Loria in November 2013 and very quickly became an expert in Sage CRM.  Julian has been responsible for delivering complete Sage CRM applications as well as providing helpdesk support to our existing clients.

Tony Trevillion (Commercial Director). Tony has over 25 years experience of running and managing businesses and has been involved with CRM for more than half of this time. He holds an MBA and brings to Loria a wealth of knowledge in business development, strategic analysis and the effective selection and deployment of CRM applications.

John Winbow (CRM Consultant). John has in excess of 15 years experience of business software solutions - both support and implementation. He is a fully qualified Sage Product Specialist in CRM and holds an MSc in Computing and Information Systems.

We are always happy to talk about CRM. So, whether you already have a system in place, or are looking to implement something new please get in touch.

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